02-18-2012 Wow. It's been a while. We've been laying a bit low, working on our CD, Ontogeny, which will be out this spring. A few shows here and there, mostly nationals, on weekdays, which are tough for people to get out to, but its always a good show. We have another show lined up, a good one, on a weekend, that will be announced very soon. Many of you will like it, as its a national that we've played with before. Should be a packed house, we are looking forward to it. We should also have our CD ready by then, so it will be good for people to finally be able to leave with our music.

This is also the first post from the new website. A bit cleaner, less reliant on popups for the pages, bigger, bolder, and will improve over time. Our primary focus, however, still remains to be the CD. Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted!

07-24-2010 Well, the Clubhouse show is now in the books, and it was... well, it went. With our June that was full of out-of-towns, flu's, and whatever else Murphy's law could throw at us that made it difficult to practice, our "tightness" took a hit. As the audience, you may or may not have noticed it, but we certainly did. You may have noticed a few other glitches though that dropped bombs on our opening song, 6P. Most notably, vocal issues lasting a little more than half the song, and a broken bass string that had Matt playing with three strings the entire set.

Troubles aside, it was still a fun night. Psyphen shirts were everywhere, the crowd was loud and into it, we LOVE that. We want to see you at every show wearing Psyphen gear and making noise! In fact, we are doing something that will be one token of our appreciation for your support. We mentioned that we are currently working on a CD, and that is true, slower than we'd like, but in pursuit. Once ready for production, we will include name mentions of our top supporters in our CD insert! We will attempt to keep track of how many tickets each person has bought and/or sold to make sure we reward our supporters with a mention. So come to our shows and help spread the word and bring others to our shows with you and you will forever be immortalized in Psyphen's debut release!!

Now on to our next live show. On August 7th K&Z Entertainment will present the first annual "Mini Ozzfest", which will feature 10 of Arizona's top local bands at the Marquee Theatre. We will play along with some other big names such as (Sic)monic, The Asylum, and Makeshift Family. Tickets are $10 in advance (you can get the at: In support of the show, there will be a radio ad running on 98Kupd during the two weeks prior to the show that will feature our music!!

Just wanted to remind everyone of our recently launched merchandise section were you can buy tickets to our next show, shirts, hats... whatever you want. Possibly the easiest way to get tickets before a show. Place the order, and we will mail the tickets to you.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you at the show!!!

07-03-2010 Welcome to the first official Psyphen email newsletter. As we look to communicate a bit more with those who are interested, email is one form we will likely be using. Though it won’t typically be more than once a month or so, we will use this medium to keep you connected and informed on all things Psyphen.

As you may know, we’re constantly working on new material. June was a rough month for us, as we were out of town, battling illness, and melting in the sun. This has even had us on the verge of going for each others throats, but we still carry on. In doing so, our goal is to have a new song with each show we do. Though that won’t be feasible for every show, it is our goal and we try to stick to it. There is a balance between making progress and rushing it. If we feel we are rushing it or simply don’t have enough time between scheduled shows, a new song won’t be introduced. The good (or bad) news is, we only have a certain amount of time for our set and with each new song added we must remove one from our setlist. All of our songs will be rotated with each show, which we particularly like, as it makes for interesting change.

Speaking of next shows, our upcoming show on July 16 at the Clubhouse in Tempe looks to be a good one. We are playing with some really good bands - bands that we haven’t played with before, including Laconic, Ashes for Erin, and Comfort for Change. We are scheduled to go on at 8pm and do a 25 minute set. In addition, we have another show in the works that we will announce shortly. With it, we will be returning to a venue we’ve played before but on a much larger scale, and many more bands. The show will be another K&Z Entertainment event which promises to be big. That’s all the detail for now, we will officially announce the show in two weeks.

Another new item is our online store. We’ve recently launched a merchandise section of our website were you can buy tickets to our next show, shirts, hats... whatever you want. Check it out when you get a chance:

Thanks, and we’ll see you at the show!

06-20-2010 We're excited to finally get our online merchandise store up. Everything from show tickets to shirts, hats, stickers, etc, can be purchased online here.
05-24-2010 MR went well, played with some great bands, and cool people. Got some more footage, it is in the video section, with more on YouTube. Nailed down our next show. See tour section for details.
04-29-2010 We've determined our next show. It will be @ Martini Ranch. Check the tour section for details.
04-18-2010 So, great show, great turnout. Thanks to all who came, you made it kick ass! We took some video of the show which should be up soon in our video section.
04-16-2010 Shirts, hats and beanies are now ready. Just in time for our show at the Marquee Theatre tomorrow. See our "Merchandise" page to take a look.
04-01-2010 April 3rd show has been cancelled due to a fire at Chuy's. It will likely be rescheduled once things are back in order there. For now though, we are focused on our April 17th show at the Marquee Theatre.
03-22-2010 A new venue is upon us. We've added the Marquee Theatre. See tour section for dates.
02-21-2010 Looking into a few other venues to add to the rotation. Stay tuned...
02-14-2010 Show went well, good crowd. Thanks to all who came. Each show gets better, as expected.
02-07-2010 Second show scheduled. Chuy's on Baseline & McKlintock. Indoors this time.
02-04-2010 Looking at another show soon. Nothing official yet, though a Saturday of the last half of this month is possible. Chuy's on Baseline & McKlintock is the eyed venue. Stay tuned...
12-20-2009 First show went well, considering... Back to the studio to perfect and create new material. Will likely refocus for a month or two then try another low-key show.
12-06-2009 Booked our first show. Low key. Subtle. Small. But it will be loud. Oh yes, it will be loud.
10-22-2009 Getting very close to live shows, we can almost smell the food, sweat, and beers.
10-02-2009 Songs are developing well. Looks like we may be throwing a cover tune in here and there for live shows. Now, what will those be...?
09-18-2009 A bit of shuffling going on. Equipment technicalities. We'll be good to go.
08-15-2009 Psyphen is currently writing new material. Stay tuned...

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