Hard Rock Radio Live interview with Cynfully Lucious:

Rockcast Live interview with Jim Santora: (Interview starts around 1:13:30)

Interview excerpt regarding 6P...

(Interviewer): "So, 6P tends to ruffle some feathers. Any insight on what its about?"

CZ: "Yeah, every once in a while it does. Though only when some of the lyrics are taken too literally outside of the context of the rest of the song. It's not necessarily by fault of the listener, because its very vague and metaphoric, which is how I write. It can seem anti-soldier, which it isn't at all. It's actually quite the opposite. I think most people regardless of which side of the fence they are on regarding any wars we're involved in, still care for our soldiers. I'm no exception, and it's actually about a soldier's struggle with dealing with having to kill others. It's written from the soldier's perspective and the inner turmoil he is dealing with, doubting himself, doubting his judgement, doubting everything. When the line in one's own mind is not clear, everything comes into question. An example would be from the stories of Vietnam, when the enemy would send children running up to American soldiers with a basket of fruit with live, armed grenades mixed in, and when the child made it up to the soldier they would blow - hurting or killing everyone around, including the child. Whether or not that really happened, the rumors alone would force a soldier to make a spontaneous decision whether or not to gun down a child, woman, or civilian man who was approaching them - his choice being to choose a single death, or risk multiple including his own. Not only is that decision an unbelievable burden, but imagine having to have made that decision, perhaps killing a civilian, and worse, an innocent one. That scenario was such an emotional storm to me that writing a song about it seemed almost necessary. That song, of course, is 6P."


The thought of leaving this behind is so unreal.
The shock of what I'm bound to find is haunting me,
and when will I just come to grips with this again? Again...

This darkness is imprisioned in me, to depths one cannot beleive.
To err is so under me, as I am not above living a lie. This lie...
Silence, in death.
It numbs the pain.
It numbs the pain.
It numbs the pain.
Pain, pain, pain, pain...

I wish I wasn't so underwelmed.
These social seas are washing through me.
Washing through me...

Trudging through hipocracy.
Trudging through hipocracy.
Turn the eyes inside.


Soldier, soul raper.
Soldier, soul raper.
Soldier, soul raper.

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