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Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 23 August 2012 05:00


Chaos within order. Calm in the eye of a storm. Patterns in the midst of the unpredictable - These are just a few of the descriptions that have been used to get you into the Arizona band's vibe. Is it justified?? Well yes, quite frankly.

Having listened to this more than a few times, you get a heady mix of bands that will get you reminiscing - Mordred sprang to mind, Flotsam And Jetsam (definate eliments of their fellow Arizonians on here for my ears) a touch of Slayer even pops up, along with the quirkiness of Faith No More and System Of A Down.

This sounds like an old skool band from back in the day and it's bloody great pretty much all the way through. The great thing about them is that you never quite know if you're going to get a punch in the face or a caressing arm of sympathy.

'The Haves' is a blistering statement of intent with some pummeling of the fret board, off kilter vocals and some deep grooves that pull you in. 'The Eyes' sounds like a nu-skool bastard child creation itching to be freed whilst Six P is a song that pulls together all that is great and weird about Psyphen, and in the hands of others it would just sound weird, but they pull it off with ease. The acoustic mellowness of 'Woody' is haunting and almost angelic but yet again, you just go with the strange flow of the album and it works. So obviously you follow that up with the hard hitting trio of songs 'Muzzled', 'Penetrate' and 'Donkey Punch'. Even the song titles are great!

If you don't like the weird angular genius of Psyphen then it's your loss. A strange contender for your top 10 of the year?

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